Shock domestic abuse figures revealed for Wigan

The number of domestic abuse incidents in Wigan is four times higher than the national average, according to a shock report.
Disturbing domestic violence figures have been revealedDisturbing domestic violence figures have been revealed
Disturbing domestic violence figures have been revealed

More than 7,130 incidents were reported in the 12 months up to June but the town hall says the figures are “constant” and reflect a new “early intervention” approach is having an impact.

Councillors have been told that domestic abuse remains a “significant issue” across the borough with the figures also above the Greater Manchester average.

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A report, tabled for the authority’s confident places scrutiny committee, says other GM districts have experienced “significant increases” in the past 12 months.

The town hall has established a victim hub that sees organisations such as Victim Support, Citizens Advice Bureau and the police working together “to ensure the most appropriate response for each victim is provided.”

In addition to this, a domestic abuse community development worker has been employed. And training sessions have been provided for members of borough health and social care organisations “to recognise the signs…to ensure a response and adequate support is put in place at the earliest opportunity to prevent the victim tipping into crisis.”

The report reads: “In the 12 months leading up to the end of June 2018, domestic abuse incidents reported to GMP for Wigan remain constant with no remarkable increase or decrease.

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“In comparison other divisions within GMP are reporting increases in domestic abuse incidents, some of them significant increases. We believe this performance is the result of the prevention and intervention work we are doing and the successful partnership approach within the borough.”

Members of the confident council scrutiny committee were asked to endorse the work undertaken to combat domestic abuse alongside initiatives from GMP.

“The council’s wider partnership has developed a robust offer that is an innovative use of the resources available. The offer ensures all victims of domestic abuse receives a response irrespective of the risk associated with their incident with a focus on prevention and early intervention,” the report adds.