'Volatile' Wigan man damaged inside of police car

A drunk Wigan man wrecked the inside of a police car following a row with his mum, a court heard.

Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 9:16 am
Updated Tuesday, 4th February 2020, 9:19 am

Jason Dempsey became agitated and volatile after being arrested for an alleged breach of the peace, after a “heated exchange” erupted when he came home from a friend’s birthday.

The 47-year-old, of Falkirk Grove, Norley, admitted criminal damage to a liveried police vehicle.

Prosecuting, Tess Kenyon told Wigan justices that police had been called around 11.30pm on January 14, to reports of a disturbance. They arrived at the home, which Dempsey shared with his mother, and arrested him on suspicion of a breach of the peace.

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Wigan and Leigh Magistrates' Court

They handcuffed him and placed him in the back of a police car, before returning to the house to speak to his mother.

A special constable, who was still in the car with Dempsey, said he suddenly became volatile, and pushed his hands through the front head rest, in a bid to try to escape from his handcuffs. When this failed, he began punching the window and kicking the front seat.

He struck with such force that one kick dislodged a control centre from the front dashboard which was used to activate the car’s emergency sirens and lights.

Dempsey became “more and more volatile,” Ms Kenyon said, and other officers had to return to the car to restrain him.

After a night in the cells he told police he had been drinking since 2pm that day and had no recollection of his actions. Alcohol sent Dempsey “around the twist,” he told officers.

Defending, Martin Jones said Dempsey did not dispute the findings. He had been out celebrating a friend’s birthday, Mr Jones said, adding that he had come home and had a “heated exchange” with his mother although they were now reconciled.

No action was taken against Dempsey for a breach of the peace.

Dempsey was ordered to pay £100 in compensation to Greater Manchester Police for the broken equipment, an £80 fine, court costs of £85 and a £32 victim surcharge.