Warning issued as sex perverts lure Wigan women into fake modelling agency

Wigan women have hit out after being targeted by sick predators pretending to be modelling agents to get inappropriate videos from their victims.
Police probePolice probe
Police probe

Outraged victims across the borough have reported the perverts for posing as professionals and asking for aspiring models to dress up on camera as part of a “video application”.

Shelly Hanson, a mum from Pemberton, smelled a rat when she came across the advert on a local jobs page. After researching the “company” online and coming up with nothing, she decided to contact the profile of “Sophie Brook”, who was listed as the contact on the original post.

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However, once in contact with the supposed agent, Shelly was told that all business was to be conducted via private Facebook message as the business had not set up a website yet.

“I asked them to email me an application form and they said it’s not a simple form and I would have to apply via video call,” she said. “Anyway, I soon got blocked and then posted on their walls to warn others that they are not a legitimate company.

“Once I had posted, other ladies got in touch with me to say that they had been through the same but that they went on to do the video call.

“They said it was black and nobody could be seen but they could hear the person speaking saying that they were working from a dark room and could the girl go and put a skirt on for them.”

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Since Shelly outed the couple, the profiles have been deleted from social media, but she fears that a number of new profiles could have been created to continue the scam.

“I’m worried that they are sleazy people, hiding behind fake profiles,” she added. “It’s sick and very worrying. I have a 14-year-old daughter and so many girls are so gullible and will think about the money or want to feel beautiful or whatever the reason.

“A lot of ladies will go ahead too. I know a few went on the video. But who knows if they are recording or taking pictures to online or to make more fake profiles, or to blackmail? It’s very scary. I don’t know what their intentions would be.”

Another Wigan woman, Jodie Jane Clements, was fortunate enough to refuse the demands put on her by the “agency”, who were offering £400 to £450 a shoot.

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The young mum posted on Facebook to warn others, saying: “Please do not apply or have any contact with these people, they told me to do a video interview with them and asked me very inappropriate questions and asked me to wear specific outfits, which I didn’t.

“Please girls watch out, I will be reporting it to the police in the morning. The way I feel right now is just disgusting and heartbroken with what has just been asked of me and said.”

She said she was reporting the matter to police. Anyone with information about the ageny should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.