Wigan community is urged to help trace vandals

Vandals have carried out a senseless spate of anti-social behaviour including dumping a bin full of concrete in a stream.

Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 3:19 pm
Updated Thursday, 23rd May 2019, 4:19 pm
Coun Jeanette Prescott with a green bin dumped in a stream on Canberra Road in Marsh Green

Other incidents around Pemberton ward include an In Bloom planter being wrecked and drains being filled with carelessly discarded objects.

The waste container for green rubbish was found weighed down to block the flow in a water course close to Canberra Road in Marsh Green, while three grids on the same street were found clogged up and increasing the chance of flooding there.

A large flower tub funded by councillors through Brighter Borough to spruce up Kitt Green Road was also attacked, with one of the sides being removed leaving soil spilling out all over the pavement.

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Coun Jeanette Prescott with a green bin dumped in a stream on Canberra Road in Marsh Green

These incidents have now been slammed by one of the councillors representing the ward in the chamber.

Coun Jeanette Prescott said: “I thought recycling green waste was simple to understand as it protects the environment from landfill.

“However, the person who dumped this bin has no respect for the environment and through their action has polluted the stream.

“The flower tub we have paid for has also been attacked. This is senseless vandalism.

“Through their outburst everyone who enjoyed the flowers will suffer.

“I’m baffled by the mentality of some inviduals and ask myself what it was that offended them so much about a flower tub they felt a need to destroy it.”

Coun Prescott is urging anyone who sees people dumping rubbish in streams or on open land to get in touch.

She says in the past rubbish flung out has been searched through for correspondence with addresses which can then be used to bring individuals responsible to justice.

Coun Prescott also urged residents to stop “grids being treated as bins rather than water drain-offs” after three on Canberra Road were found stuffed with discarded items.

Anti-social behaviour can be reported using Wigan Council’s ReportIt app.