Wigan pensioners warned about new doorstep scam

Taxi drivers are warning Wigan residents of a doorstep scam being carried out on elderly and vulnerable people in the borough.

Friday, 19th October 2018, 8:37 am
Updated Friday, 19th October 2018, 9:43 am
The woman carrying out the scam wears spotted pyjamas and a hooded top
The woman carrying out the scam wears spotted pyjamas and a hooded top

Staff at Cable Cars, based in St Helens, said that they believe the shocking scam is targeting households in Ashton and Haydock by a lone female dressed in pyjamas,

According to the concerned drivers, the woman, who wears a fur-hooded jacket over her dark pyjamas with pink spots, has been knocking on the door of elderly people in these areas - crying and asking to use the phone to gain access to their homes.

“I have heard stories about her knocking on doors whilst crying, asking for money so she can get a taxi,” said one of the drivers, who lives in Haydock.

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“She is also asking if she can use people’s phones so she can contact her daughter.

“She doesn’t pay the taxi drivers and it’s hard to report to police because she uses a different number and different addresses.

“I’m concerned about the elderly as one was hospitalised a few weeks ago after suffering a panic attack.

“I think it’s important to warn everyone as this lady is only known to social media and the majority of elderly don’t use it.”

In a public post shared on their Facebook groups, Cable Cars urged elderly or vulnerable people not to open their door to strangers.

“This lady is preying on the elderly and vulnerable in the Haydock area by knocking on doors in an attempt to gain access.

“Today a woman fitting this description got a taxi from Church Road in Haydock and didn’t have money to pay for her taxi ride and attempted to pay one of our drivers by giving him jewellery.

“Also, taxi drivers please be vigilant as she is booking taxis from various addresses and is standing waiting outside the address given.”

Members of the public came forward to say that they had witnessed similar concerning behaviour to that described by the taxi company.

One concerned member of the public said: “Warning to everyone in the Ashton area. There’s a woman going knocking on doors shouting for help, she has a knife. Don’t open the door ring the police.

“This happened today, I think it may be the same person.”

Anyone with information should contact Greater Manchester Police on 101.