Wigan woman blamed drug dealers for failure to pay court fine

Greenwood appeared in court yesterday
Greenwood appeared in court yesterday

Wigan woman has been ordered to pay back almost £1,400 to the courts after telling magistrates that drug dealers had taken her money and smashed up her house.

Adele Greenwood, of Warrington Road of Abram, appeared at Wigan and Leigh Magistrates’ Court this week for a non-payment of fine.

The 39-year-old, who was given the fine back in March 2017 for driving offences, was asked why it had taken so long to make any payments.

She told the bench: “I am in a lot of debt. I have just missed it with moving addresses.

“I have had three different properties since 2017. The first I heard about it was a letter the other day.

“My son was involved with drug deals, he was sent to jail.

“They smashed my house up and smashed my car up and were taking money from my house.”

Magistrates ordered Greenwood to pay monthly until her debt is cleared.