Woman arrested after paramedics 'verbally abused' and note left on ambulance

A 26-year-old woman has been arrested on suspicion of verbally abusing paramedics and leaving an abusive note on the windscreen of their ambulance as they responded to an emergency.
Ambulance Service found a hand-written noteAmbulance Service found a hand-written note
Ambulance Service found a hand-written note

The arrest followed a plea by West Midlands Ambulance Service staff who reported at the weekend how colleagues had found a hand-written note from an irate resident complaining that the vehicle was parked outside their house.

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The ambulance was responding to a 999 call in the Tunstall area of Stoke-on-Trent at the time.

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Chief Inspector John Owen, commander for Stoke North local policing team, said: "We will not tolerate abuse or intimidation of our emergency services.

"This kind of behaviour is totally unacceptable and we will take appropriate action against offenders.

"The arrest relates to matters of verbal abuse that could constitute offences under the Public Order Act. This is not solely about the note."

The woman, from Tunstall, was arrested on Sunday at about 10pm and is in custody suspected of a section four public order offence.

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Paramedic mentor Katie Tudor posted a picture of the note on Twitter, copying in the police.

The note read: "If this van is for anyone but Number 14 then you have no right to be parked here.

"I couldn't give a shit if the whole street collasped (sic). Now move your van from outside my house."

Ms Tudor, who said the crew in question had also been verbally abused, used Twitter to draw the note to the attention of Staffordshire Police Chief Constable Gareth Morgan.

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Reacting to the news of an arrest, she thanked the force and Mr Owen, who is the local policing commander for the Stoke North area.

Social media users had reacted with disbelief and anger at the note, with one official ambulance service Twitter account commenting "#sadtimes".