Customer left flabbergasted by a Wigan baker's 8p sauce charge

A saucy encounter with at a bakery left a visitor to Wigan feeling 'shocked and outraged'.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 12th February 2018, 8:18 am
Updated Monday, 12th February 2018, 6:05 pm
A squeeze of brown sauce cost Andy Sokill eight pence at Galloways
A squeeze of brown sauce cost Andy Sokill eight pence at Galloways

Andy Sokill, 65, who was visiting the borough from his home in Stockport, has said he was “flabbergasted” when Galloways charged him an extra 8p after putting brown sauce on his sausage butty.

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The retired writer had nipped into the Wallgate branch for breakfast whilst visiting the town, but got more than he bargained for due to the stringent company policy.

Andy said: “What’s really annoying is that he asked me if I wanted any sauce and I said ‘yes, go on I’ll have brown sauce.’ But I can take it or leave it. If there had been a big sign telling me, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near it.

“The guy basically said if I don’t like it I would have to complain.”

The sandwich itself was priced at £1.50, but Andy said he was told that there is a charge for sauce on any of the products sold at Galloways.

As the incident occurred during the breakfast rush, the pensioner said that the shop was full of people coming from the station, who were also “shocked” by the charge.

“If it was anywhere else I wouldn’t have been bothered,” added Andy. “But it’s Wigan, people have brown sauce on their pies all the time, especially meat and potato.”

After investigating in another Galloways branch, Andy was told that the price has recently increased from 6p to 8p.

“If it was sachets I would understand more,” he said. “But this was just a squirt. I don’t even know how it was administered from a bottle or a big tub behind the counter.”

Graham Simpkin, senior area manager for Galloways explained that the company has chosen to charge for sauce to avoid having to put product prices up to cover the costs. He said that staff are told to inform customers of the price before adding any condiments.

“Some retailers put the price of the sauce on the product,” he said. “We decided to be fair to our loyal customers and just charge those who want sauce.

"We will always reimburse the customer if there is an issue. We haven’t had anyone complain before.”

Galloways want to make clear that it is company policy not to have plastic or glass bottles of sauces on their premises.