Damaged road wrecking scores of cars

A Wigan resident says that a deep pothole in Appley Bridge has caused significant damage to her car.
The pothole on Mill Lane in Appley BridgeThe pothole on Mill Lane in Appley Bridge
The pothole on Mill Lane in Appley Bridge

Amy Cummings contacted the Evening Post to say how her vehicle came a cropper as she drove along Mill Lane.

She contacted Lancashire County Council who reassured her that it was an issue they were looking into and a temporary repair has since been made to what is thought to be the offending crater.

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Amy said: “We have substantially damaged our car and I am worried someone could do worse and it could cause them to lose control and hit the railway bridge.”

Lancashire County Council say they will start work to repair the pothole, just under the railway bridge, as soon as possible. In a letter to Amy, they said: “For your information, all Lancashire County Council highways issues and defects will be inspected then any necessary work is planned on a prioritised basis.”

The letter went on to add: “For requests concerning repairs to potholes, we aim to repair 90 per cent of all carriageway and footway defects reported within 20 days.”

Adjacent road Appley Lane North is being partially resurfaced and work started two weeks ago.

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Amy posted the above photo onto the Wigan Today Facebook page a number of other people said they had also had issues.

Colin Abbott wrote: “Also reported after blowing my tyre. The guy came out to inspect it and a car blew its tyre in front of him and what have they done - put two traffic cones at the side of the hole.”

Gilly Hodgkinson said: “Got me last Wednesday too. Smashed tyre. Second one in a fortnight due to roads. Costing me a fortune in new tyres.”

Paul van Aldred said: “Appley Bridge and Roby Mill have to have the worst road surfaces in the borough.”

Not sure who sticks a bit of Tarmac in the biggest potholes every so often, but that really isn’t the answer.”