Desperate days as Wigan dad loses out on heart again

A Wigan dad who is desperately in need of a new heart has received a major blow after missing out on a vital organ transplant.
David Hughes with son GeorgeDavid Hughes with son George
David Hughes with son George

Dave Hughes, 32, from Whelley, was told five years ago that without a new heart he would only have five years to live.

In recent months he has been moved onto the urgent transplant list, and even more recently in December, Dave went to the top of the list in the UK of people waiting for a new heart.

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Other news: Birthday treat for brave Sarah at Wigan Athletic as she battles rare diseaseBut sadly, the family’s hopes were dashed this weekend when they received a call to say that Dave’s time may have come, but that he was still second in line for a transplant.

It was only upon arriving in Newcastle, where the dad-of-one receives his treatment, that Dave and partner Louise, 24, discovered that the heart had gone to someone


“We were so excited when we got the call,” said Louise.

“We were very calm on the way up. They did say Dave was second for the heart as there was another man who needed the heart so if the liver wasn’t good enough when tests came back, the heart was Dave’s.

“We’re just glad that someone else got the heart and it didn’t go to waste. We hope the other man is recovering well.

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“I think, because we have had a call before we knew what to expect more this time. We were singing all the way to Newcastle. Another heart will come either today, tomorrow or in a couple of weeks but we’ll be waiting for it and hopefully it will be the perfect match for Dave.”

Since the birth of his son George, 17 months, Dave and his partner Louise have campaigned relentlessly to raise the profile of organ donation so that other families do not have to suffer the same uncertainty.

Dave suffers from a congenital condition known as transposition of the great arteries, meaning his major arteries are the wrong way round.

Despite remaining positive, Dave is now desperate to get on with the life-saving surgery so he can see his young son grow up.

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The family have taken part in several campaigns to try and increase the number of people opting to donate their organs and have recently spoken out to back Government plans to make the organ donation system opt-in.

The couple had already faced traumatic hurdles.

Last year Dave was called for a heart transplant op which was cancelled at the last minute

To find out more and to register for organ donation, visit the NHS Organ Donation website