Drivers warned about jumping traffic lights

Drivers have been urged not to take potentially fatal risks at one of Wigan borough's busiest junctions after several near-misses.

Friday, 28th October 2016, 10:19 am
Updated Monday, 31st October 2016, 9:55 am
Cllrs George and Debbie Fairhurst who are complaining about the left filter at the Standish town centre crossroads after several near misses

The warning has come from councillor duo George and Debbie Fairhurst, who fear a terrible accident is likely if motorists continue to act irresponsibly.

The crossroads in the centre of Standish is one of the borough’s most congested at peak times, with a traffic light filter system in operation.

And the Standish Independent Party pair believe drivers are attempting to “dart through” as the traffic lights change from amber to red.

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Coun George Fairhurst told the Evening Post: “We have had reports that people crossing have been within inches of being hit, they could be killed.

“Drivers are going through on red when the lights have just changed to sneak through, but they should know that red is red and that means stop.”

The pair have been in contact with both the council and the police to discuss if any further safety measures can be put in place.

But they are in no doubt where the responsibility lies in ensuring no pedestrian lives are put at risk.

Coun George Fairhurst said: “We have contacted the police and there is an option for cameras to be installed, so we’re waiting to hear back from that.

“But at the end of the day it’s the drivers themselves who should be taking the responsibility.

“You can change the priority of the lights, but if drivers want to go through on red, that’s where the problem is.

“That’s when the accidents will happen and it needs to stop.”

Standish has become notorious in recent years as one of the borough’s worst congestion hot-spots, with the Standish Independents campaigning against more houses coming to the area adding to the traffic woes.

The crossroads have also been the scene of traffic accidents with a particularly serious one having taken place at this time last year, when a HGV collided with two cars, leaving one driver trapped in his vehicle.

Miraculously, all parties escaped serious injury, even though the HGV went over the bonnet of one of cars and at least one driver had to be cut from their vehicle by firefighters.