Engineers at Blackpool Tower are shown the ropes

This is the vertigo-inducing view from inside the iconic Blackpool Tower.

Don't look down...
Don't look down...

This stunning shot is of the lift shaft from the bottom of the famous landmark to the top of The Blackpool Tower.

The photo was taken during engineering work to replace the lift ropes inside the Tower, which is closed off to the public.

The work is being done so visitors can venture up the sky high attraction in up to 50mph winds to experience the stunning panoramic views from The Blackpool Tower Eye.

The photo was taken during engineering work

Previously, the lifts were unable to operate if wind speeds exceeded 40mph, prompting bosses to initiate work to thicken the ropes from 18mm to 22mm, so less customers are disappointed by bad weather stopping them from enjoying the attraction.

The lift ropes on this iconic 500ft building are changed every five years but this is the first time since 1992 that a modification is being made by reducing the ropes from six to four.

Visitors now have more opportunities than ever to travel the top of the iconic landmark after work to further weatherproof the two lifts has been completed.

Kenny Mew, General Manager of The Blackpool Tower, said: “Currently the lifts cannot operate when the winds reach 40mph.

The photo was taken during engineering work

“We are in the process of changing the thickness of the ropes so we can operate the lifts in up to 50mph winds to create more opportunities for guests to enjoy this unique experience”

The work on The Blackpool Tower lifts will be completed by the end of Spring.