Plan to develop Cherry Gardens land into shops

Owners of a popular Wigan pub plan to buy up a chunk of green space next door to the premises and develop it into a retail site.
The land at the side of the Cherry Gardens pubThe land at the side of the Cherry Gardens pub
The land at the side of the Cherry Gardens pub

The Cherry Gardens Hotel in Swinley, wants to take back control of the land - which houses the cherry trees after which the pub is named - and build a new convenience store.

A public notice reveals that the council, which currently controls the parcel of land, intends to hand the reigns back to the pub owners “for the purpose of proposed commercial retail development.”

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A Wigan Council spokesman said: “The council currently has a long leasehold on the site. It is proposing to surrender back to the freehold owner, who also owns the Cherry Gardens public house, to develop a retail convenience store, subject to planning permission. Any planning application will include a detailed landscaping plan.”

Wigan Central representative, Coun George Davies, told the Observer that while no planning permission has yet been sought, he would welcome the opportunity to view any plans.

He said: “We don’t want this to go on behind closed doors. Residents should have the chance to have their views heard. They will be concerned with what happens because of the roundabout, the traffic and making sure the local schoolchildren are safe.”

Any objections to the plans must be made in writing to the council by June 13.

The Cherry Gardens owners declined to comment on the proposals when contacted by the Observer.