Wigan tips are still up and running for now, says council after confusing report suggests they had shut

Wigan borough's recycling centres will be remaining open for the time being, council chiefs confirmed today.
Kirkless recycling centre is still open to the publicKirkless recycling centre is still open to the public
Kirkless recycling centre is still open to the public

The message was issued after it was reported in other media that all of Greater Manchester's tips will be staying closed for now due to efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

But that directive came from Recycling for Greater Manchester of which Wigan Council isn't a member - it has its own waste disposal contract and they say that for now they will be allowing members of the public to keep attending its borough centres such as the one at Kirkless.

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A Wigan Council spokeswoman said: "All other authorities in Greater Manchester are signed up to the same waste contract. We, however, have our own arrangements which is why we don’t have to follow suit.

"Every morning the emergency management team (comprising the chief executive and directors) discuss services and current arrangements to make sure that they comply with current Covid-19 legislation and that we can operate essential services.

"For now it has been agreed to keep them open as we know people will be using this as an opportunity to do some work around the house.

"We are of course following social distancing guidelines to limit the number of cars allowed in at once.

"This is reviewed on a daily basis."