Facebook teen girl abduction rumours not true

RUMOURS that a young girl was abducted are unfounded, police have confirmed.

According to a Facebook post the incident was reported to the police at around 6.30pm on Tuesday night, after a young girl, thought to be aged around 15, was dragged into a car by a man on Montrose Avenue.

The post caused some alarm on Facebook, while others said it might not be as it seemed.

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But police later confirmed that the girl was missing from home and the man was her grandfather who was trying to take her home.

The original post read: “Just to let you all know at around 5.30pm tonight a young girl with long dark hair age around 14/15 years old was walking past Central Park heading towards St Cuthbert’s when two men got out a car and dragged her in the back seat screaming.

“The grey car then pulled on to St Cuthbert’s Rugby Club car park and drove off with her.”

The woman went on to explain that her son had witnessed what had happened and had reported the incident to the police.

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She later posted again explaining that she had been informed by the police that it was members of the young girl’s family in the car.

She wrote: “And I can breath, thank God.

“It was family members getting the young girl in the car to stop her running away from home.

“But a big thank you to my beautiful 14-year-old boy running home for help and telling me to phone the police.”

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The police confirmed that the girl had been reported missing from home and that members of her family had found her and picked her up to take her home.

A spokesman said: “She wasn’t too happy about it and several people saw and reported it to the police. We visited her home and made sure she was safe.”