Family's fury over stolen gifts planned for mum

A teddy bear like the one stolenA teddy bear like the one stolen
A teddy bear like the one stolen
A trio of Wigan siblings have been left distraught as thieves plundered gifts bought for their mum the night before Mother's Day.

The presents – including a teddy bear and giant card – had been chosen by youngsters Nikomi, Lewis and Eva Holding for their mum Hayley.

But having left the gifts in the family car parked on Kenyon Road overnight on Saturday, they were devastated to find they had disappeared by the morning.

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Speaking to the Evening Post, grandma Pam Bannister said the heartless offenders should be ashamed of themselves.

Adding: “What are they going to do with a card that has already been signed by other children? Some people just have no respect for others.”

Those responsible were helped to a certain extent because the car had been left unlocked since Saturday evening.

But Mrs Bannister said, while she understands this was a mistake, the morality of taking Mother’s Day gifts was indefensible.

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She added: “This has devastated the kids. They had saved the money for the last few weeks and had gone out with their dad to get the presents for their mum.

“To go out on the Sunday morning and find everything had disappeared was awful.

“The car had been locked but one of them had nipped out to get a tablet they had left in there and that’s when it was left unlocked.”

Mrs Bannister explained that her family were particularly disgusted by this ordeal given they had been shown the generosity of a stranger a few months before.

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She said: “We went to London recently and my granddaughter left her phone on the Tube. We rang it once we realised it was lost and a man answered and said if we send him our address he would post it back.

“He wouldn’t accept any money for the postage and we had it back the next day.

“It just goes to show that there are some good people left in the world.

“Let’s hope this low-life person who stole the presents is very proud of themselves when they realise the morning after what they’d done.”

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