Friends star to join Chris Evans in Blackpool... in roofless Reliant Robins

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc are set to travel from London to Blackpool this afternoon for Top Gear... in roofless three-wheeled Reliant Robins.
Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and the StigMatt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and the Stig
Matt LeBlanc, Chris Evans and the Stig

The new motoring show hosts were told they will face off in a UK v US series of challenges, with the first being a chilly trip up the M1 and M6 motorways to the ‘Las Vegas of the north’.

Guest David Baddiel told the pair on Evans’ BBC Radio 2 breakfast show this morning: “The moment the show finishes you are off to the Las Vegas of the north.

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“You will defend your respective nations in a series of gruelling and awful challenges. It’s the US v UK in Blackpool.”

American Friends star LeBlanc replied: “It’s in England I assume?”

Evans, 49, said: “It’s great. We used to go every year for a family holiday.

“There’s the Tower, there are trams, donkeys, the Pleasure Beach.

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“My favourite joke in the world is a joke about Blackpool. What do the donkeys on Blackpool beach get for their lunch?

“Twenty minutes like everybody else.”

The pair are due to visit some of the resort’s attractions before continuing their trip tomorrow – although their destination is being kept a secret.

“There could be snow,” hinted Evans.