Good deed lands Wigan man in court

A Wigan man who was found drinking at a home which is subject to a closure order, told police that he was helping the victim of an assault at the time of his arrest.
Wigan Magistrates' CourtWigan Magistrates' Court
Wigan Magistrates' Court

Christopher Reddy, of Viscount Road, was arrested and charged for being at 43 Blenheim Road without a “reasonable excuse”. The property has been put under a three-month closure order because of previous “nuisance and disorder” and a notice has been put on the door.

Reddy, 32, appeared at Wigan Magistrates’ Court to face the charge.

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Prosecutor, Katie Beattie, told magistrates how the dad-of-three had been found by police within the property and that when interviewed, he told officers that he did not notice the sign on the front door.

Martin Jones, defending, explained that his client had been helping a stranger at the time he was caught by police.

“The owner of the property, Mr Aspinall, is not known to him,” said Mr Jones. “They are not friends.

“Mr Reddy was approached on the street by Mr Aspinall who reported that he had been the victim of an assault.

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“My client contacted police and told them what had allegedly happened. He passed the phone to Mr Aspinall so that he could fill in the details.”

The court heard how the alleged victim had wanted company while he waited for police and had asked Reddy to stay with him.

“Mr Reddy has not done a lot wrong here,” added Mr Jones. “He has reported it to the police. He has helped someone”.

Reddy was fined £50 and ordered to pay £115 in costs.