Help sniff out Enzo the family skunk

Wigan residents are trying to sniff out a rogue skunk which went missing from its family home over the weekend.

Wednesday, 19th July 2017, 10:41 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:02 pm
Enzo the skunk

The nocturnal creature, which is commonly found in across the Americas, has been spotted wandering through the streets of Kitt Green after hours.

A number of pictures of “Enzo” the skunk emerged on Facebook, baffling residents, until his owner, Sarah Katherine Ainscough from Pemberton, appealed online for help to find her beloved pet.

The skunk, which is well-known for its distinctive smell, has been seen as recently as Monday near the Dean Trust Wigan, in Orrell and on Greenhey in Kitt Green.

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Enzo the skunk makes his escape in Kitt Green

Shannon Lucas, a relative of Ms Ainscough’s, posted to social media: “Enzo is missing. He was last seen near Abraham Guest Academy. If anyone sees him please let me know either ring me on 07956 158 069.

“He is really friendly so you can approach him just don’t scare him. Please help me get him home where he is safe.”

Enzo, who has been wandering around since at least Saturday evening, has been spotted in numerous locations as well as the high school.

He has been described as “very friendly” and one family member posted: “He’s a softie. Pick him up by his tail he won’t spray or bite.”

Enzo the skunk makes his escape in Kitt Green

According to the family, Enzo also responds to his name, and people are being advised to shout him if out on a search.

There have been sightings of Enzo as far as Ormskirk Road, where he was spotted by a young boy playing in his garden.

People across the borough have rallied around to give advice and report sightings of Enzo in an attempt to get him reunited with his owner.

Wendy Liptrot posted on the ongoing feed: “He is being registered as missing with Doglost now so hopefully it will help with finding him. I would ring the council also maybe to ask them to ask all of the wardens to keep a look out.”

This is not the first time an unusual pet has been spotted around Wigan. In June, Percy the Peacock, also from Pemberton, appeared on rooftops across Highfield. The power of social media prevailed and after a few weeks of tracking the colourful bird at various locations, residents made sure Percy was reunited with his own.

If anyone sees Enzo, contact 01942 733643 or the number quoted above by Shannon Lucas or call Doglost on 0844 8003220.