Hopes of work at Wigan eyesore

Hopes are rising that work is finally about to begin on renovating a former pub which has become an eyesore and magnet for anti-social behaviour.
The Dray King, picture by DanielThe Dray King, picture by Daniel
The Dray King, picture by Daniel

Enabling Homes confirmed work is due to begin at the Dray King in Hindley Green this week after several years.

The company responded after local resident and would-be councillor Ross Wright got in touch to ask what was happening to the Long Lane building amid mounting community concern about the state of it.

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In its reply Enabling Homes recognised local worries and apologised for the length of time development has taken, which was not helped when the site’s previous owner Rydal Homes went into liquidation.

It said contractors would be working there within a matter of days, with the first jobs including security work to prevent any further occurrences of vandalism.

Out-of-hours provision to deter offenders is also being looked into.

The site has planning permission for 22 apartments for sheltered housing and two semi-detached properties, to be created out of the ex-pub and in a two-storey extension.

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In the letter Enabling Homes’ operations manager Joanne Callan said: “I would like to apologise for the length of time that this particular project has taken, this was obviously never the intention.

“We have been involved in similar projects to the Dray King so we know that we can make this a great success not only for the building but the wider community.

“We want to be great neighbours to all in the vicinity.”

Mr Wright said: “I was impressed to receive a response from Enabling Homes so quickly but I am still sceptical as residents have received so many false promises over the last couple of years.

“It has been a developing issue locally so I will continue the process further if nothing has happened by the end of this week.”