Huge increase in clown craze complaints

A charity has revealed the devastating affect of the recent killer clown craze has had on children.

A 'killer' clown - picture posed
A 'killer' clown - picture posed

And as Halloween approaches it is feared the troubling craze of creepy clowns will reach its peak – with individuals dressing up in clown costumes to intentionally threaten or harm passers-by, including children.

In the last three weeks Childline has been contacted 462 times by children afraid of creepy clowns – providing 84 clown-related counselling sessions on one day alone.

Nearly a third of counselling sessions on the subject of clowns were with children under the age of 11 - reaching 139 in total - and three quarters of those who got in touch over clown fears were girls.

The deluge of contacts to Childline reflects a flurry of reported creepy clown incidents across the UK.

The NSPCC is advising children who are concerned about creepy clowns to:

Talk to a parent or a teacher or trusted adult;

Call Childline if they want to discuss their worries or get advice and support;

Block and report abusive messages from people posing as creepy clowns on social media;

Contact the police if they are threatened by a creepy clown in the street.

Call Childline on 0800 1111 or via