M6 lorry crash dad's hunt for Good Samaritan

A dad-of-five wants to thank the man who saved his life by dragging him through the windscreen of his lorry after an horrific crash on the motorway.
David Dann with puppy Peanut, who both escaped a horrific crash on the M6 near Lancaster.David Dann with puppy Peanut, who both escaped a horrific crash on the M6 near Lancaster.
David Dann with puppy Peanut, who both escaped a horrific crash on the M6 near Lancaster.

David Dann was trapped in his truck after he was hit from behind by a tanker which crushed his cab in a pile-up near junction 34 of the M6 at Lancaster.

Mr Dann, who was pulled from the wreckage with his puppy Peanut, said: “There was an almighty bang and I blacked out.

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“It was so out of the blue. All the lockers came down and hit me on the head.

“A car driver jumped out and came through the cab window.

“He got into the cab and said ‘stay there’ and kicked the windscreen out.

“I was then pulled through the windscreen and there were two guys waiting to help me.

“As soon as I track the bloke down I want to thank him for saving my life.

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“I got severe whiplash and cuts and bruises, and there was an injury to my ear which had to be stitched.

“I am very lucky.”

David’s daughter Chelsea, 17, said: “The cab was pushed forward which crushed the front. The guy in the other lorry, who is still in hospital, is very brave. He could have gone over 10 cars and killed a lot of people or go into the back of my dad’s lorry. We are just very grateful to the car driver and just want to thank him face to face that is all. All we know about him was he was short and wore glasses.

“Not a lot of people would stop and help like he did.

“The hospital staff at Lancaster were absolutely amazing. They looked after my dad and his dog.

“It was the first day Peanut, my dad’s puppy, had gone out with him. He was behind my dad’s head on a pillow but when the accident happened he ran into his cage. The guy that helped my dad also got the dog. My dad took the dog with him to hospital.”

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David, 50, said: “I’m very sore but I’m in a better condition than the other bloke. He sacrificed himself to save other people. I got off lightly. I’d like to say thanks to the hospital as well. When I was there a man and his wife stopped to talk to me and gave me £5 to get something to eat for me and my dog. You don’t expect a complete stranger to open their wallet and give you money - funnily enough it was a Scottish £5 note as well, as I live in Glasgow. I’d just like to say thanks to people for what they did. I’m lucky I got the dog back, he hasn’t left my side since.”

David, his wife Lorraine and five kids live in Glasgow.

He works for a haulage company based in Longtown, Carlisle. He was travelling from Longtown to Warrington when the accident happened close to junction 34 of the M6 at Lancaster on Monday morning.

He has worked as a lorry driver for 19 years and this is the second accident he has been involved in.

In the previous accident he was also crashed into from behind and suffered a broken ankle and rib injuries.

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A 12-mile-stretch of the M6 heading south near Lancaster was closed until 2am on Tuesday morning after vital

resurfacing work and investigations were carried out.

A lorry hit the central reservation near junction 34 around 4am on Monday, rupturing its fuel tank and spilling diesel on to the road surface.

The second incident occurred just two hours later, close to junction 35 at Carnforth, and involved three lorries, also leading to major diesel spillages.

Long queues quickly built up and Highways North West closed the southbound carriageway, diverting traffic off at both junction 35 Carnforth and 36 for Barrow and Kendal.

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The southbound stretch of the motorway remained closed all day while two lanes of the northbound carriageway were opened.

Fire crews had to cut one of the lorry drivers free from the wreckage of his vehicle.

He was airlifted to the major trauma centre at the Royal Preston Hospital.

Police said he is currently in a serious but stable condition in hospital with injuries to his neck, back, hip and leg.

Are you the man that helped David escape his cab? Contact us on 01524 385924.