'˜Mickey Mouse' arrested on Wigan drink drive rap

Police in Wigan were surprised to discover they had arrested '˜Mickey Mouse' for failing to provide a specimin of breath.

The event, which is not an early April Fool’s gag, began when officers from Greater Manchester pulled a driver over and subsequently arrested him yesterday morning (Wednesday).

But once in custody, the driver identified himself as the flagship Disney character, loved by children the world over, and gave his address as the Yellow Brick Road.

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The GMP Traffic team tweeted that the man in question, whose real identity is not yet known, was “now asleep” following the incident.

It isn’t the first time police have faced trouble from a famous fictional character. In 2007, a Wigan man who was arrested for assault identified himself as Darth Vader.

Andrew Mark Heyes was found drunk in a neighbour’s flat after a night at his local pub.

When they arrived at the scene, he gave his identity as sci-fi’s most notorious villain. Heyes was given a two-year conditional discharge for attacking the flat’s occupant.