Mum 'overwhelmed' as community saves the day

A Wigan mum whose purse was snatched just days before her daughter's birthday has been overwhelmed by offers of help from local businesses.

Wednesday, 26th July 2017, 4:22 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:08 pm
Miah and Eva Mae almost missed out due to the callous thieves

Jemmah Louise Wright, 24, from Springfield, was doing her weekly shop at Aldi on Scot Lane when a man swiped her purse from her trolley, where her six-month-old daughter was sitting, and made off with his girlfriend in tow.

Devastated, the trainee teacher took to social media to reach out to the suspect, who had stolen £180 given to her by her partner to bank as their mobile account was down. She said: “You will probably get away with this without consequence so let me tell you the repercussions of what you have done, for my family. “It is my daughter’s birthday in two weeks and we were having a joint birthday and christening for my girls, I now have to cancel the magician, the cake I was going to order for her and she won’t have to have all the presents she has asked for.

Amongst other things you have ruined for us such as a nice day out for the summer holiday, you have also made it so that I had to leave my shopping in Aldi and now I have to beg and borrow off people to feed my family.”

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However, Jemmah, who was planning a seventh birthday party for Miah and a Christening for six-month-old Eva Mae, was not expecting the response she received as dozens of people came forward with offers to help. She added: “If it weren’t for people being so kind to me and donating things for her party I don’t know what I would have done. I have had offers of presents and clothes. I am so overwhelmed by the generosity of people.”

Among the donors are Little Bo-Nique in Ashton who are donating baby clothes, Gioco Play Centre in Marus Bridge who are giving Miah a play and meal for her birthday, Golborne’s “Tee cakes” and “The Cake House” in Wigan. Local woman Adele Heyes will make a buffet for the Christening, with Lindsey Murphy stepping up to do Miah’s hair for her special day, Both Jemmah and Miah will have their nails done courtesy of Sandra Roberts, and Jasmine Travis will provide the party decorations. Eddie Woodhouse, owner at Gioco Play Centre, said: “Jemmah had a lot planned for her celebration. She was doing a lot for what she had and I just really felt for her. We have all been there when we have been shopping and forgotten our bank card but to have it stolen, I just felt really bad for her.”

Jemmah’s friend Jennifer Hunter has set up a JustGiving page for anyone wishing to donate to the girl’s birthday party and Christening.

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