CHARLES GRAHAM - Keep dogs away from play areas

Dogs can pose a health hazard at parks
Dogs can pose a health hazard at parks

Never having owned a dog (although one might help me shed a few pounds), issues of where to let them off the leash don’t usually trouble me.

I do know though that you can’t keep most hounds on a lead all the time - they need that freedom to bound around and get their exercise, no more so than in a public park.

But I do think it sensible that Wigan Council is considering a ban on dogs from play areas within parks.

I am sure most pets are perfectly harmless when around little children, but some might be boisterous or suddenly turn nasty, and then there is the matter of their mess and tots picking up infections.

Most owners do clean up these days but it’s still better to keep pooches away from the squeals of delight from the young at play.