Luke Marsden: From zombies to ghostbusters, it’s the wonderful world of Wigan Comic Con

How did you spend your weekend last week?

Perhaps like me, you spent it with unicorns, ghostbusters, zombies and the genie from Aladdin.

No, the heat hasn’t finally got to me and I’m not having a stroke, I’m talking about my inaugural visit to Wigan Comic-Con.

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Luke Marsden at Wigan Comic ConLuke Marsden at Wigan Comic Con
Luke Marsden at Wigan Comic Con
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Postponed since 2019 due to the real life battle with a virus, Wigan Comic-Con returned to the Robin Park Arena with a bang - literally, as I entered people (I hope) were dressed as zombies in a metal pen banging on the bars, like kicking out time on King Street in the early hours of a Sunday morning.

A selection box of retro and iconic cars also lined the entrance, kids were thrilled to be able to jump into a Tie-Fighter from Star Wars or get in the driver’s seat of the Ghostbusters mobile.

A few friendly faces recognised me and were very polite, you wouldn’t think the attendees of a Comic-Con would watch reality TV 14 years ago, but this event wasn’t just for the inner geek, families young and old attended.

I even joked to my friend that given the news that Big Brother is returning in 2023 perhaps I should have a stall next year.

Who wouldn’t pay £10 for a selfie with me?

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I wouldn’t class myself as serious collector although I do have an original Buzz Lightyear toy that everyone wanted as a kid, it’s still in its box so I’m guessing that will be my retirement fund.

From sweet stalls to Empire Cinemas Wigan, the event offered something for everyone including for my friend Darren who was in his element taking photos with a guy dressed as John Hammond - he didn’t have a stall, just a random bloke embracing his inner Richard Attenborough.

If you missed out this year (and you really did miss out on meeting the voice of Johnny Bravo!) then cast aside any pre-notions you have of the event.

Paul and the team from Funky Figures in Makinson Arcade have created something that Wiganers can have an annual pilgrimage too and I will be back!