LUKE MARSDEN: How Covid suddenly became eclipsed by something even worse

Milestones are often a time for celebration or perhaps for solemn remembrance.

By Luke Marsden
Friday, 11th March 2022, 4:55 am

Most people don’t forget birthdays, anniversaries or deaths but today’s milestone may have slipped by you.The world may feel like it’s on fire right now but cast your mind back two years. Today marks the second anniversary of the day that the World Health Organisation declared Covid a pandemic.Given the current state of affairs it may now seem like a simpler time the whole start of the pandemic, staying in our houses etc.A friend told me she had Covid-19 for the first time this week and I moved past that in the conversation quicker than I probably would’ve only a month or so ago. I’ve had the virus twice, I’m triple boosted and like millions, bored of Covid now.

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New Wigan town centre misery as two jewellers announce their departure

I was more interested in talking about the petrol prices (I saw diesel at £1.79 a litre this week in Whelley!) I’ve been so appalled by the continued increase I nearly crashed my car. I’m actively exploring alternative options (not Northern Rail). In fact tomorrow I’m test driving an electric car and I shall report back if my world has become fully rocked by electricity.Two years ago, we didn’t know what was around the corner. Two years on I’d say we still do not know if we’ll get to the end of the year in one piece. We’ve swapped a pandemic for pandemonium, but on the plus side we’ve got the Great British weather to look forward to. I’m sure spring will have a day or two where we can sit out and wait for WW3.

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A deserted Wigan town centre during the first lockdown

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