LUKE MARSDEN: How do MPs find time for a second job?

Some people work two jobs; heck some people work even more.

Friday, 12th November 2021, 4:55 am
Prime Minister's Questions

Likely though, that those people aren’t getting paid £82,000 a year for the first job.

As the House of Commons and MPs chase their tails this week over whether they should allow themselves to continue having second and third jobs as well as serving constituents, I’ve asked myself: what would I do in this situation? The answer: where would I find the time?

When I ran for local council in May, I learned from elected councillors just how demanding the job can be and usually this is coupled with working a full-time “real” job on top. Only a select few have successfully managed to become full-time career councillors. If I had been elected as councillor I would’ve continued with my full-time PR job but would’ve sacrificed my personal time to serve the good people of Wigan.

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Alas that wasn’t to be for now but the point is I was willing to sacrifice my own personal time to do it.

The MPs raking in six-figure sums (on both sides of the HoC I may add!) don’t seem to be sacrificing anything other than a lower bank balance.

Politics should be about people not profit. The argument for keeping second jobs would be for those who are frontline doctors, nurses and lawyers to continue to practise but again that’s having a toe in both pools and if you’ve pledged to your constituents that you will dedicate all of your time being their voice in Westminster, then that’s exactly what you should be doing.

There will be plenty of time for the lecture circuit, after dinner speeches, autobiographies and reality shows once you lose your seat!

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