Luke Marsden: I question my choice daily

In 1989 a little-known movie franchise called ‘Back to the Future’ predicted that in 2015 we’d be so far advanced with technology that we’d actually have flying cars.

Friday, 31st January 2020, 12:47 pm
Updated Friday, 31st January 2020, 12:49 pm
Luke Marsden

Five years on from that prediction fruition, broadband speeds are as reliable as the weather and we barely have functioning trains let alone cars that can glide above our heads.

For most of us the Monday morning wake up is a struggle at the best of times, we mourn the loss of the weekend whilst we reset ourselves back into work mode. For those, like myself, that use public transport as a way of getting into work every day, Mondays really are the worst day of the week but for many of us that use a Northern train, every day is Monday. I’ve often wondered how people who suffer from claustrophobia cope on a train during the rush-hour commute.

This week I’ve been greeted with an elbow in my chest, a backpack so close to my nose I could sniff the contents of the person’s lunch (cheese and tomato sandwiches) and a lady was so close to me that people probably thought we were dating. Don’t let anyone tell you that a morning commute when you are made to feel like tic tacs in a tub is anything other than grim.

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When expressing my pleasure at the government’s decision to strip Northern of the franchise this week, I was tweeted and asked why a ‘man of my means doesn’t own a car? I’m a little unsure what ‘man of my means’ could mean?

Although I have got the full box set of Murder, She Wrote DVDs which will probably be worth a pretty penny in a decade or two.

I replied to the fellow tweeter that I do own a car but choose to travel by train into Manchester every day, like many Wiganers standing at Wallgate or North Western I question this choice daily.

Things can only get better I tell myself as I’m filling in the delay and repay forms, at least unlike the trains their P45 arrived on time.