LUKE MARSDEN: I’d have the vaccine tomorrow

Let’s deal with this from the off: I’d happily have the vaccine that has been widely discussed this week.

Saturday, 14th November 2020, 7:00 am
The Government is hoping to get some people vaccinated before Christmas

I’ve been nothing short of horrified at the amount of people on social media who have conjured up conspiracy theories about what could be in the Covid-19 vaccine.

My favourite one was “mini microchips so the government can track and trace us 24/7”.

Yes, Boris is sitting in Number 10 wondering where Paul from St Helens is.

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I won’t be first in line to take it because I can’t be. The most vulnerable members of society will be first in line, as they rightly should be.

As Prof Johnathan Van-Tam said this week, if he could be first to take it, he would be and so would I.

I don’t worry about getting coronavirus for myself. I’m sure after a day in bed binge watching Netflix and copious amounts of tea I’ll survive.

But I do worry about getting the virus and passing it onto my family and my neighbours.

This new national lockdown feels a lot different to the first, the first lockdown was alien to us all, this one just feels like part and parcel of everyday life, I have seen as much compliance as I have rule-breaking during this new stint of lockdown.

By spring 2021 I hope that the year 2020 will be a distant memory and something we all look back on and remember as the year that never was.

Let’s focus on actually listening to science rather than some bloke on Facebook still ranting about the moon landing. That way we may actually be able to return to some sense of normality soon.

This week we have seen hope, hope that really is just one small jab for man but one giant leap for mankind…

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