LUKE MARSDEN: I'm in no hurry to see the new Bond

Am I the only person in Wigan who is yet to watch the latest Bond film?

Friday, 15th October 2021, 4:55 am
Daniel Craig in his last Bond outing

When the cinemas first re-opened last year I saw the hype, the floor markings, the giant billboards, the in-cinema posters and even then I thought I could wait to watch Daniel Craig shake a martini at us.

Over a year later and the film has been out a few weeks, I’m still in no rush.

I don’t know what changed for me when it comes to Mr Bond (to be clear the one thing I don’t want changed is his sex.

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Ian Fleming gave us a male Bond and male is how he should remain.

I enjoyed Craig’s first few outings as 007 but by the third and fourth films, I’m not afraid to admit I think I’m over Daniel.

He won’t lose sleep at night reading about this (I also don’t think he visits for his daily fix of a Wigan news).

Having watched all of the James Bond films, I have the more controversial opinion that Sir Roger Moore was in fact the best Bond of them all followed by Brosnan then Connery.

When I watched some of Moore’s outings as the famous secret agent, my dad still maintains he acted with his eyebrows, but what a set of talented eyebrows! Being honest I did book to watch Bond this week, but every showing was sold out and conveniently the “peak time prices” also kicked in. Maybe that’s Craig karma for waiting so long to see his final outing or maybe I should’ve simply pulled the trigger earlier.

I’m expecting my opinion won’t change when I do eventually catch 007 in action, lots of car chases, fighting, shooting and womanising, he really hasn’t got any time to die has he?

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