LUKE MARSDEN: I'm sceptical of Cop26 success

I’ll be honest, I’m probably not doing enough to reduce my carbon footprint and let’s be frank, I doubt you are either.
Police intervene at an Insulate Britain demonstrationPolice intervene at an Insulate Britain demonstration
Police intervene at an Insulate Britain demonstration

Why? Because if we’ve learned anything coming from the COP conference, it’s more complex than just making sure we put the right plastic in our brown bins.

That said, I also don’t think having hundreds of people travel thousands of miles to congregate in a room for days on end is really the best approach to tackling climate change head on.

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I recall back to when I was a kid and we just chucked everything in the black bin which was emptied weekly. We didn’t bother recycling in fact. I don’t think that was even a word back then.

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Look how far we’ve come, now we have a Skittles assortment of coloured bins and a calendar to remind us which ones we have to drag out and when like some recycling relay race. You may not think it, but this is real progress.

I’ve learned a lot by just doing the weekly domestic recycling, from rinsing out cartons and bottles before putting in the brown bin to ensuring that non-recyclable stuff like polystyrene doesn’t find its way into the blue bin. It’s like an inverted version of supermarket sweep. To be honest I’m surprised C5 hasn’t commissioned a recycling gameshow to rival The Chase.

What I haven’t learned a thing from is the climate protestors, Insulate Britain. It appears they are lacking some insulation between their ears as I’m pretty sure lying in the middle of a busy road on the way to Manchester Airport is a recipe for disaster.

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The sooner the police can legally drag them away the better. The road to climate success is what we Wiganers continue to do each week, recycle. But what do I know, I’m no Greta.

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