LUKE MARSDEN: Joy of vaccine roll-out eclipses our own minor crises

Last week in this very column I wrote about how we all need a feeling of joy this Christmas.

This week I’m feeling joyless as I came downstairs on Monday morning to find a pool of water on my kitchen floor.

Isn’t this what everyone wants to see on a Monday morning before starting work - a little swimming pool on the kitchen floor? It appears my shower has leaked, naturally I panicked and did what I’d imagine most do in this situation, phone Dad!

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Naturally he advised me to phone a plumber, which I subsequently did (thanks to Tyler from Aspull for fixing my leak!) but putting it into perspective, if this is the worst thing to happen this month then a kitchen ceiling that looks like it has soiled itself is a small price to pay.

We saw 90-year-old Margaret Keenan (pictured) become the first in the country to be vaccinated, a true sense of hope that this marathon nightmare may be building to an exit next year.

You may be going through the same motions that I have this week: which three households will be graced with my presence over our few days Christmas respite?

Naturally my sister and parents are thrilled that I delivered the verdict to them like Dermot O’Leary on The X Factor.

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Ironically pre-pool-of-water on my floor, I told myself that my outlook had to be positive for the rest of the year as, let’s face it, it’s been hard to be positive for most of it. But watching Mrs Keenan receive that vaccine should be enough to give us all hope even if my wallet isn’t feeling very hopeful at the cost of repairing my kitchen roof, still it gives me something to talk about on Christmas Day after the cracker jokes are done with.

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