LUKE MARSDEN: Let's make the most of some good spring weather

No, you’re not mistaken: the giant yellow ball in the sky has finally decided to make an appearance and literally brighten up our lives.

By Luke Marsden
Friday, 25th March 2022, 4:55 am

Let’s be honest, this is long overdue. I know many that are affected by SAD (seasonal affective disorder) so the bleak winter months are a struggle for them but the change in temp, the glow of sunshine brings new hope. Or at least it should.A friend tested positive for Covid this week. Cases are soaring, but discussion of the virus has almost disappeared.

We’ve moved on, but the virus is still lingering like a guest after a dinner party who won’t take the hint.

I told my friend he’ll survive: he’s triple vaccinated, relatively healthy and is doing the right (but not legally required) thing and self-isolating.

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A pleasant sunny day in Mesnes Park

I believe all these steps are formally known as common sense. The common-sense campaign is a simple one, if you’ve got it, use it and if you don’t have any, find some.Sunday the clocks will go forward, and we officially enter summer time hours, the days will get longer and brighter.

Another big bonus of the warmer weather is not having the central heating on 12 hours a day.

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Wigan fire stations join convoy to send aid to Ukraine

Like many Wiganers who may work from home most of the time, I cannot tell you what a difference even a few hours make to the total cost.

Couple that with the soaring increases in heating bills, working from home is rapidly losing its edge.

I think I’ve already spent the energy rebate that we’re getting from Wigan Council next month.I don’t want to get too carried away. It’s likely to pour down next week and send me back inside with the heating racked up to 30 degrees but for the time being, let’s soak in the spring sunshine and enjoy the sound of the birds tweeting again (from a safe distance: bird flu is still on the wing around here) and breathe in the fresh air.

There’s a new craze on social media for people filming themselves breathing in and out with their eyes shut.

They dub it “being present online.”

I’ve got a better idea, don’t pick up your phone, shut your eyes and be grateful to have the moments to unwind offline.

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