LUKE MARSDEN: Nothing is off limits

Common sense returned to our TV screens this week in the form of Piers Morgan.

By Luke Marsden
Friday, 29th April 2022, 4:55 am

You may instantly stop reading at the mention of this name but that’s OK. In fact it’s more than OK with Piers.

His new show on TalkTV is aptly named Piers Morgan Uncensored. Nothing and nobody is off-limits and no viewpoint will be shut down (adhering to Ofcom rules of course). That’s the nature of freedom of speech and I’m glad he’s back.His first guest, the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Since he was cancelled from social media over a year ago, his accounts removed and suspended, the world hasn’t heard enough from Donald Trump but this interview was a stark reminder of his no-nonsense approach.

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Fledgling news channel TalkTV launched with an exclusive PIers Morgan interview with Donald Trump

Our political leaders struggle when answering the question “what is a woman?” The Donald answered it without a drop of sweat running down his glowingly orange forehead.At the beginning of last year I began a list of all the things you can’t say anymore or the things on which you aren’t supposed to express an opinion. A year on, I’ve given up as it seems to be endless.

I’ve written on this page before of my concerns for where we are heading in this woke society: one which has zero tolerance for differening viewpoints.These days I like to conduct the “steam room test” when I’m in the gym sauna to see how far a conversation goes without someone stepping in to say “oh you can’t say that anymore.” And it’s sad to say that almost always people leave the steam room less relaxed, as the debate gets hotter than the steam.You’re probably aware I’ve never been one to hold back my opinions.

If I feel passionately about something I will speak up about it regardless of the consequences because that’s truly the definition of uncensored and it’s why I say welcome back Piers Morgan, it’s time for TV to be great again!