LUKE MARSDEN: Pandemic showed us the benefits of home-working

Over 25 million Britons have been vaccinated. That is a remarkable achievement and things really can only get better.
Working from home isn't all badWorking from home isn't all bad
Working from home isn't all bad

Anyone over 50 can now have the vaccine and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time that I’ll get my letter being called for the shot.

I think back to how my life was a year ago.

We were on the precipice of Boris’s “you must stay at home” announcement.

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I was commuting daily on a ram-packed, delayed Northern Rail train into Manchester, splashing sanitiser on my hands every few minutes.

Little did any of us know that our lives were about to change in a monumental way.

There are very few benefits to come out of the global pandemic but the fact the nation has adopted and embraced working from home as a real and permanent concept for many, must be a true benefit.

I visited the office for the first time in six months this week and it was surreal.

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I treated it like I was going on a night out: slapped gel in my hair and even put on a few squirts of aftershave!

I love working from home.

I’ve converted my spare bedroom into an office and now my house in Whelley has allowed me to become a communications hub (albeit I’ve had quite a few battles with Sky broadband!). The soundtrack to the last year has been “Luke you’re on mute!” but if we keep going with the incredible vaccine roll-out, my friends and family will wish that I was just on Zoom rather than trying to mute me over a few drinks in our gardens.

It is time we all looked at the changes the pandemic has forced upon us and seek out the benefits, muted or not!

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