LUKE MARSDEN - So many folk deserve a star

It may have passed many of us by, given the circumstances and general feeling of cluelessness as to what day it is, but I can confirm we’ve left March and are finally in April.

Saturday, 4th April 2020, 8:00 am
Star man Sir Ian McKellen

On Wednesday I decided to do an April Fool’s joke on Twitter, announcing that I was getting a star on the Wigan Walk of Fame.

This gag provoked several Twitter questions. Many thought I’d photoshopped a picture of stars on Believe Square and didn’t actually believe the Walk exists. Some asked why I don’t already have a star (valid question) and one asked when Kelly Brook’s ex David McIntosh, who comes from Platt Bridge, is getting his? I only know the answer to one of those queries.

If you haven’t seen the Walk, then it’s worth a visit. Kate Fussell, Wigan’s first female surgeon, recently received her well-deserved star slab and probably the highest profile ex-Wigan resident to have one is acting royalty Sir Ian McKellen. The official title of the site is The Walk of Wigan Life, but to be honest I think many Wiganers perform deeds deserving lifetime accolades.

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I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Hollywood Walk Of Fame and after you’ve seen a few stars you begin to start reading names you don’t recognise or even care about, the Walk of Fame is long enough to clock up your daily exercise goal on your FitBit and by the end of it I nearly collapsed on Cher’s star.

Our own slice of Hollywood may not be big enough yet to have anyone rack up exercise minutes, but it does provide a reflection of what our town has to offer. As for me, I think I’m better off buying one of those name a star kits. I’ll send one to David too...