LUKE MARSDEN - Solitude is beginning to kick in

It finally hit me the other day, like a slow-moving train (Northern Rail?), that I’ve now spent six weeks alone in lockdown.

Our columnist thinks Richard Ashcroft would be a good lockdown housemate
Our columnist thinks Richard Ashcroft would be a good lockdown housemate

At first I was fine. I enjoy the perks of home working and lack of commute on aforementioned rail service, plus the copious amounts of coffee I drink. But this past week has felt the hardest.

I read an article on the impact of the lack of physical touch and interaction on those of us on solitude lockdown.

While reading it I laughed out loud at its ridiculous premise but upon reflection, I can’t recall the last time I hugged someone.

Don’t get me wrong: this isn’t a trip down self-pity lane. Key workers, whether like my mum and sister on the NHS frontline or postal and supermarket staff, have it much tougher than I just sitting at home getting an hourly caffeine buzz.

But I honestly can’t recall a period in my life when I’ve spent so much time on my own. Last week I wrote about my daily walks and they continue (now 5k a day!) but I won’t be the only one dreaming of that first pint in Wigan Lane.

At present that seems more fantasy than reality, but I do think it’s for us to reflect and decide what the new reality will be after this. Either way it will include a pint or five in Wigan Lane.

A Showcase Cinemas survey has revealed that those of us in the North West would prefer to be on lockdown in our houses with Thor (Chris Hemsworth).

It got me thinking which famous Wiganer from the past and present I’d like to spend time with.


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I know George Formby could keep me company while I clean a window or two, but I wouldn’t mind sharing a pint with Richard Ashcroft.

Perhaps we could pen a song about lockdown together? That would make the top 40, yeah?