LUKE MARSDEN: Why I no longer trusted Liz Truss

In Liz do we still trust? I don’t need to run a SurveyMonkey poll to get the answer.
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As I walked my dog Lewi this week around the Whelley Loop Line, an elderly gentleman (who admitted he voted for me last year when I ran for council in Aspull, New Springs and Whellley) demanded I tell him which way I voted in Liz vs Rishi.

I boldly informed him I cast my vote for Liz Truss, the current Prime Minister (correct at the time of writing this) he then asked me do I have buyer's remorse?

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That’s a harder pill to swallow but the Liz Truss I saw at the leadership hustings all those many weeks ago back in Manchester, is not the Liz Truss we are seeing today.

Liz Truss announces her resignationLiz Truss announces her resignation
Liz Truss announces her resignation

The energy has depleted out of her like a badly insulated home, the vision needs checking at Specsavers and her gambling days aren’t going to win her any trips to Las Vegas.

Yes, she presented a more conservative vision for the country than her predecessor but failed to understand basic politics, the public and the markets, something which Boris was much better at (on the whole!).

It appears Jeremy Hunt is the PM without the title.

I did not vote for Jeremy Hunt; in fact I voted against him and chose Boris instead (no I don't regret that either) and as much as I feel grim about the predicted general election result, I fear we’ve now entered a walking dead-style phase of government that I can’t see being dragged back to life anytime soon.

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We want to go back to the days when politics was boring instead of this total circus show we see on a daily basis.

Things are tough enough and we do not need to see jostling politicians for all sides lapping it up when our energy bills are set to return to rocket fuel levels next year.

I started this column with a question and didn’t provide an answer. It is that the Liz we’ve got in Number 10 is one in whom I can no longer place my trust.