Letters: Cyclists are finding cycle lanes unusable and unsafe

I refer to the comment piece which appeared in Charles Graham's column about cyclists not always using cycle lanes (WP August 16).

Friday, 24th August 2018, 5:53 pm
Updated Friday, 24th August 2018, 7:00 pm
Cyclists are finding cycle lanes unusable and unsafe

I didn’t disagree with the sentiments expressed but think it would have been nice if it had been qualified, given the problems cyclists experience using cycle lanes.

Most cycle lanes aren’t segregated from traffic and parking in them isn’t an offence. Take a ride up Wigan Lane and see just how many cars are parked in the cycle lane. It’s a pain to weave in and out of them. Even when cycle paths are segregated from traffic, it is still a problem.

The new dual-use cycle and pedestrian path down Ormskirk Road is all but unusable for cyclists because of the large number of cars and commercial vehicles, some owned by the shop owners on Ormskirk Road, parked on it. It’s just not safe.

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On a related matter, it’s ironic that the item appeared with a picture of Chris Boardman in the same week that the Government announced a crackdown on dangerous cyclists.

They have ignored most of Boardman’s Walking and Cycling report recommendations and are spending valuable Parliamentary time on the wrong thing.

I’m all in favour of treating

idiot cyclists with the same degree of sanctions as idiot drivers.

Without wishing in any way to play down the tragedy of Kim Briggs’s death by Charlie Alliston, the Government are playing to the crowd. There are about 800 pedestrians killed annually on Britain’s roads by cars compared to one or two killed by cyclists.

Making our roads safer for all users would be a more appropriate use of Parliamentary time.

I enjoy reading Mr Graham’s views and usually agree with the sentiments expressed. I hope these comments are received in the spirit they are intended.

Tony Gerrard