'Silent majority will speak out in European elections'

Having seen and heard Vince Cable’s reaction to the success of the Lib Dems in local elections, it was if they had won a General Election!

Sir Vince Cable
Sir Vince Cable

He was cock-a-hoop as he basked in the glory of their new-found success and trumpeted that the Lib Dems were back in business as a major political force. Enjoy it while you can, it won’t last long.

In these local elections, apathy was the biggest winner. Pitifully low turn-outs, Wigan was no exception. This was not about council tax and emptying the rubbish bins - this was a protest vote about Brexit and the failure of the Conservatives to deliver it after nearly three years and Labour for doing a U-turn on their 2017 General Election manifesto.

Both parties have reneged on the acceptance of the referendum. Their actions and behaviour have been disgraceful since the referendum and show they have no intention of honouring the result.

This was the first opportunity that the electorate have had since the 2017 General Election to make their feelings and views known.

The voters took this opportunity to punish the Conservatives and Labour. They weren’t going to let this chance pass them by. Up to now the noisy minority have had it all their own way, with their protests on the streets of London. This time the silent majority spoke and they will be silent no longer!

This is just the beginning, next up are the European Elections in less than three weeks time. Here the Westminster elite will be hit where it hurts most (Lib Dems and all) in the ballot box. These elections could be seen as a “mock referendum” and, in the event of a resounding success for the Brexit Party, would there still be the same clamour for “a People’s Vote” or “second referendum?

I doubt if Vince Cable and the Lib Dems will still be gloating on the morning of May 24. The Brexit Party will knock the Lib Dems off their perch, make Westminster sit up, take notice, listen and just maybe, finally deliver on their broken promises to take Britain out of the EU.

Will Heyes via email