Money doesn’t make you happy...but it gives you choice

Our top columnist Geoffrey Shryhane looks at the richest of the rich.

Thursday, 13th June 2019, 1:23 pm
Geoffrey Shryhane

Remember that song from Fiddler on the Roof sung by Topol who trilled what he’d do “if I were a rich man?”

I’ve no doubt that he was worth a bob or two.

Not long ago, the Sunday Times Rich List revealed all. And yes it was fascinating to see the details of folks who have made a mint.

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Obviously some had inherited wealth. Had filthy rich mums and dads. My own dear parents left but a handful of pounds proving, perhaps, that it’s difficult for ordinary folks like ourselves to accumulate a fortune.

Some of us are spenders and some savers. We’ve all known people earning “good money” who rush out and spend the lot and have to have jam butties until the end of the month. A bit of an exaggeration there but you know what I mean.

Take our own Dave Whelan who needs no introduction. The family lived in Poolstock’s Chadwick Street and Mrs W took in washing to make ends meet.

Now Dave is worth £210m.

His story is kick-started when, after a football accident, he received compensation and opened a small shop. The rest, as they say, is history and top praise for Mr Whelan for staying in his home town rather than upping and rushing to leafy Wilmslow. I went there once but it was too posh and too grand for me.

I had hoped that Dave would have bought Lowry’s painting “Going to the Match” some years ago. And that would have added to his fortune. The oil painting is now worth around £10m.

Anyway here’s what some well known folks are worth.

Jeffrey Archer - £200m

Louie Tomlinson - £44m

Paul McCartney - £750m

The Queen - £370m

J K Rowling - £750m

Elton John - £320m

Duke of Westminster £10billion

Daniel Radcliffe - £90m