Readers' letters

They're not so harmless

Wednesday, 19th October 2016, 5:14 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:25 pm
Readers believe the sale of fireworks should be banned  or at least restricted. See letters

Once again we have reached October and the firework menace is upon us.

The main supermarkets have not yet started selling them but tonight I have, with our terrified little dog, had to put up with a barrage of these things.

When are the authorities going to learn that these things are weapons which can and have been used in terrorist acts and bought quite legally due to our outdated and misguided attitude that these thing are just a “bit of harmless fun”, which has so many times been proved wrong?

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My own opinion is that fireworks should only be available to organised displays, but if they are to be available to the general public, they should only be available a few days before and a few days after bonfire night, not all year around so people can celebrate someone’s hernia operation.

It seems some people need the slightest excuse to detonate these explosive bombs without a care for anybody else. Ban them now.

Richard Chapman

Address supplied


Do as I say, not what I do

I would like to reply to the letter sent in by Coun Michael McLoughlin (Labour) concerning grammar schools.

I’ll begin by saying what a load of socialist tosh, does he not know that half the Labour Cabinet send their children to the best grammar schools and public schools tax payers’ money can buy?

It’s about time our gifted working class children had the same opportunities that the Labour elite children enjoy.

If our gifted working class children can be better educated at a grammar school then who is Coun McLoughlin to try and stop them?

It’s the old socialist mantra “Don’t Do As I Do, Do As I Say”. Let’s have no tuck with his kind of politics.

Name and address supplied


Think of the pedestrians

Why do car drivers park on footpaths, making it impossible for pedestrians to get past?

Anyone with a pram, wheelchair or mobility scooter cannot get past without going on to the road.

It is more difficult for someone with a mobility scooter to get from pavement to road as there is usually a big drop.

I have been told it is illegal to park on pavements, but obviously drivers do not consider pedestrians.

My 92-year-old father has a mobility scooter and went out on it the other day and couldn’t get past a white van. He had to reverse and go onto the road. No consideration for anyone these days.

A very disgruntled resident


Impact on animals

I never thought I would agree with atheist zealot Richard Dawkins, until I heard that he is concerned about the impact of fireworks on dogs and other animals. I agree with him on this. I like fireworks but as special organised events, not an everyday occurrence. By all means we should keep our organised displays for bonfire night and New Year’s Eve, but do we really need to sell fireworks to anyone and everyone? I’m amazed that a country which can have such stringent health and safety laws can be so lax when it comes to fireworks.

Jane via email