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PM doesn't convince me

Wednesday, 12th October 2016, 5:21 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 3:06 pm
One reader questions why French steel is being used for nuclear submarines rather than British? See letter

Mother Theresa, our unelected PM, claims the Tories are the party for the workers.

In that case, I suggest someone takes her on a guided tour of the UK and shows her where our industry was before the Tories destroyed it.

At the same time they should point out the food banks which more are relying on, increasing homelessness, millions on bedroom tax, benefit sanctions, zero hours contracts, cities destroyed by mass migration to keep wages/inflation low with more on benefits. They need to explain why Thatcher took employment rights away for unfair dismissal and why Major scrapped the wages council, putting pay as low as £2 an hour for adults. Same old Tory trash.

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G. Ellison

via email


Madame May lets down UK

Congratulations to Madame le May for using French instead of British steel in our new nuclear submarines.

I did not know she represents the constituency of Paris Left Bank.

Steelworks are being allowed to close, yet her Government proclaims her party is for the working class.

She can support those who are out of work by reopening the closed steelworks.

Eddie Peart

Address supplied


Staffing solution

Regarding NHS “couldn’t cope without EU staff,” surely there are retired nurses out there, male and female, that would like the opportunity to have a part-time job at Wigan infirmary, or has it never been tried before?

J Mayer



Use extra hour wisely

As the days become shorter, it’s a stark reminder that the end of another year is approaching – Halloween is nearly upon us and Guy Fawkes Night is just around the corner.

For families caring for a life- threatened or terminally ill child, these autumnal highlights can be a tough reminder that time is a luxury that cannot be taken for granted.

For these families, every hour spent with their seriously ill child is precious beyond belief.

Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity provides vital support for families caring for a seriously ill child.

Every family has its own dedicated Family Support Worker who helps to make life a little easier for the family – at home, in hospital or in the community, so that the family can make the most of the time they have together.

When the clocks go back on October 30, Rainbow Trust is calling on the public to use their extra hour wisely, by taking part in its Big Hour Campaign.

The campaign encourages people to make their extra hour count by organising a 60-minute fundraiser. I urge everyone to get involved with this wonderful campaign so that Rainbow Trust can support more families who have to face the frightening prospect that their child might not get better.

To find out more about Rainbow Trust’s Big Hour Campaign visit or text RAINBOW to 70111 to make a £3 donation*.

Lucy Alexander

Television presenter and broadcaster