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What did we vote for?

Wednesday, 5th October 2016, 5:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 25th October 2016, 6:52 pm
Could car manufacturers like Nissan in Tyne and Wear move overseas following Brexit?

Front page headline, Friday’s Financial Times: “Nissan freezes Sunderland investment until post-Brexit landscape is clear”.

Saturday’s Guardian quoted Ralf Speth, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover: “Europeans are boycotting British cars since the Brexit vote”.

On the letters page of Saturday’s Evening Post,a UKIP supporter asked “so what have we learned since Brexit?”, before painting a rosy though sarcastic picture.

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Moot point it may be, but the UK remains in the EU and has yet to Brexit. The consequences of leaving are all still in the pipeline.

Although the UK no longer manufactures on the scale it once did, a notable success in recent years has been the British motor industry, perhaps the country’s greatest sector in terms of manufacturing success.

Scholarly, as opposed to UKIP, commentators suggest that success is now in jeopardy. Tariffs may be slapped onto British goods exported to the EU.

It is likely import tariffs could be imposed onto the cost of car parts bought from European vendors.

An exodus of the UK’s largely foreign-owned car firms is feared. Volkswagen-owned Skoda has called for swift clarity on the details of Brexit.

Why don’t all of your UKIP-supporting regular correspondents take up the Skoda challenge? Give Skoda the clarity it has appealed for.

Never mind the platitudes; Brexit means Brexit, means the UK is leaving the EU; because all of that is meaningless verbiage.

Explain in concrete terms...What will Brexit mean for the 800,000 jobs generated by building cars in Britain? How much will a British passport cost should we all need to bin our EU passports? Will we need a visa in order to take a holiday in Spain? What if we need treatment in a Spanish hospital? When we all get our ‘sovereignty’ back, how we will notice the difference? Will it come through the post? When I get mine, how should I use it?

It’s relatively easy to know what you are voting against. This is the chance for Brexit voters to show that they understood equally well what they were voting for.

I wish them good look with it, as Mrs May herself is still trying to work out the answers to the questions I have well as to many other questions too.

Coun Michael McLoughlin

Labour, Wigan Central Ward


Turn off all these soaps

It’s time to lower the curtain on many TV soaps; they’ve become a bore, a gravy train for failed actors and actresses.

The murders are a fiasco, the many affairs and gay and lesbian storylines have no place before the watershed.

Children must embarrass their parents weekly by asking questions about them. TV has no right to act as the ‘teacher’ of social change.

Mediocre performers have no place filling the screen four or five times a week. It’s just cheap TV.

And the interchanging of these people from one soap to another demonstrates laziness at sourcing new talent.

Darryl Ashton

via email


Babies need a stimulus

Is it only me who worries about the development of young children when they are in forward-facing pushchairs seeing only legs – and their mothers are constantly talking on their phones?

Surely they need the stimulus of seeing and talking to their carers?

Hilary Andrews

via email