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MPs know nothing
A correspondent writes in support of new USA President Donald Trump. See letterA correspondent writes in support of new USA President Donald Trump. See letter
A correspondent writes in support of new USA President Donald Trump. See letter

This week the new benefits cap was introduced.

There was a young woman on BBC Breakfast this morning who is going to be £76 a week down on income.

These privileged Tory MPs are of the opinion that this will encourage people into work. Do they know anything about psychology?

Of course not.

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You don’t encourage people by punishing them and implying that they are work shy.

Let’s look at them: massive, hypocritical expenses claims – and they criticise these “ordinary” people.

Being a politician requires no training – all you need to be a Tory MP is to have gone to the right school and have the right friends. Most have no experience in their fields – Hunt isn’t a doctor or nurse yet he presumes to tell them what is good for them.

They get huge pensions for not a lot – standing around huffing and puffing their personal opinions without theoretical basis or research is not a real job, ladies and gentlemen.

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They are all utterly self-centred these days and show no empathy for, or understanding of, the real worlds of some people.

There is a psychiatric term for this kind of behaviour that has been used by me and other well qualified observers.

R Kimble

Address supplied


The people have spoken

The American people have spoken, and spoken against the political establishment, pollsters, rag-bag pop stars, the left-leaning press and media coverage, including the appalling Clinton-biased coverage by our leading broadcaster, the BBC.

I watched the early news where a BBC presenter had the impudence to indicate the presidential election was swayed by the “uneducated” against the “educated voters”.

How patronizing can you 

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The similarity of the American presidential election and our EEC referendum is incredible.

The people of this country are not stupid.

They, like the Americans, saw through the appalling “vote this way” or “stay in” propaganda expressed by the so-called intelligentsia, the left wing press and the BBC.

The peoples of both countries do know what they voted for.

They voted for what they believed in, not, I repeat not, what they were told to vote 

That is what freedom-loving people over time have fought for and died for, it’s called universal suffrage.

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Thank God democracy is alive and kicking, so I say to the intelligentsia “Live with it”.

Your day has gone.

Bernard Darbyshire

via email


Focus on family life

I am casting producer at Pulse Films. We are producing a documentary series about the ‘modern family’. It explores how family life can become complex after parents separate and move onto another relationship.

For this landmark new series, we’re looking to film with divorced or separated parents, and also step-parents – with the aim of finding a resolution that allows both parents to be actively involved in their child’s upbringing – with the needs of the child(ren) being prioritised. There is no obligation for anyone we speak to, to be involved in the programme. All conversations are held in the strictest of confidence. I can be contacted on 07535 501 327 or at [email protected]

Laura McMenemy

Pulse Films

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