Readers' letters - April 5

USA, keep out of EU issue

Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 12:51 pm
Updated Wednesday, 6th April 2016, 12:56 pm
A reader says American President Barack Obama should steer clear of European affairs

Project Fear is having a hard time right now in its efforts to frighten the people into voting to remain in The EU in the forthcoming referendum. They are making little headway in the opinion polls, that is you give them any credence at all, (personally I don’t).

Having almost used up their ammunition with nothing tangible in the polls to show for their efforts, they are resorting to their last desperate throw of the dice to scare the British people.

So let’s hear it for Barack Hussein Obama, 44th president of The United States of America.

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Project Fear’s latest weapon and their biggest gun so far in the referendum campaign. Who will they invite next, the Pope?

We are going to be treated to Air Force One touching down in Britain, with a retinue of pin-headed security service men in dark glasses and black suits as the presidential motorcade rolls into town.

While he is here, The President will have tea and biscuits with the Queen, before lecturing us on why it is the interests of America that Britain should remain with the EU, while at the same time being feigned upon by a sycophantic David Cameron and a whole range of politicians and business leaders who will kotow and genuflect with awe in his presence.

And this from arguably the most anti-British American president since the days of The Boston Tea Party! During his time in office, Barack Obama has shown himself to be a highly skilled orator with his carefully crafted and well delivered speeches, but that is really just about it.

You would have thought that he should be devoting his time and efforts during his remaining months in office trying to sorting out problems in his country, notably rampant gun crime which is out of control, but no, he can still find time in his busy schedule to come over here and lecture us.

Quite frankly my dear (and I don’t give a damn) I don’t see what business it is of his to convince us to remain within the EU.

America is not a nation that gives $55m per day to the EU, nor is it faced with an impending migrant crisis that will only continue to get worse and will compound itself with the logistical problems that the huge numbers will cause, as well as potential security issues.

Nor is America subjected to laws and directives that our own Government so slavishly adheres to, nor would they subjugate their own supreme courts so that the EU has primacy over their own.

America would have never surrendered their own sovereignty like we have done, but wants us to remain within the EU because it suits their interests, not ours!

Obama’s advice should be politely ignored. This referendum decision is a choice for the British people alone, not an American president who will be out office by the end of this year.

Will Heyes via email


Danger of monopoly

The crisis in the steel industry, and the threat to thousands of jobs, has been met with lame indifference by the Government. This is primarily because the Government has been bending over backwards to attract Chinese investment for future nuclear power stations. Also, Government and EU “green” energy policies have forced up electricity prices, rendering British and European steel production uneconomic.

If our steel industry is allowed to collapse, Chinese and Indian manufactured steel will increase in price. Steel should be supported to avoid Chinese and Indian monopolies.

Glyn Powell

Address supplied