Readers' letters - April 7

Trip became a nightmare

Friday, 8th April 2016, 4:04 pm
Updated Friday, 8th April 2016, 4:06 pm
Pam Ferris, pictured with her dogs Stan and Elsie, appeals for people to join in the Paws for Tea tea party. See letter below

Using this letters page, I would like to relay an experience I had while on a family holiday in a motorhome.

It came to my attention, during the last night of our travels, that a particular coastal town that we visited (which I shall not name to protect the innocent) was not at its best when seen on a drizzly Sunday evening.

I feel we caught them all on a very bad day indeed while we searched for a simple meal of fish and chips to enjoy as our last supper aboard our rented motorhome.

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After following signs to the seafront, we drove past several care homes but could not find one “chippy”.

Then, upon reaching the end of the completely deserted promenade, we sought refuge from the dying light and rain in a pub. But upon entering, we were greeted by loud dance music with a most frantic beat that unnerved me from the off, and to make matters worse, we were told they had no chips left.

We left quickly and after heading towards the centre of town, I pulled over to ask directions from a gentleman carrying a mostly-empty plastic bag. Rather than give us directions, he simply asked for £2 to “help pay my bills”. Next up, we asked an old lady for assistance but she was simply unable or unwilling to communicate with us at all.

We then came across a third pedestrian but, as she had two black eyes and a badly scratched face, we decided to give up completely on fish and chips.

With nowhere booked to stay, we ended up parked up for our final night at a McDonald’s car park. Unfortunately, boy racers decided to use the same car park in the early hours, exchanging hoots of their horns whilst revving their engines, thus ensuring we got no sleep.

Harry Francis,



We want to film families

We are looking for families to take part in a unique documentary series for Sky, which will be filmed over several years.

The series will tell honest, down-to-earth, joyful and uplifting stories of life in modern Britain through the prism of something we all belong to, in one form or another, the family.

Each feature-length film in the series will tell the story of a single family over a five year period – the things that challenge and unite its members; their most difficult times and their happiest moments.

Whatever your story, we would love to hear from you. To find out more, get in touch for a quick informal chat with the team: 0207 965 7362 or email [email protected]

Laura Smith

Little Gem


Paws for tea for animals

I am writing to ask your readers to host a tea party on Friday, May 13, in aid of a pet charity very close to my heart, Blue Cross. Their Paws for Tea tea parties are a really fun way to help the thousands of sick, injured and homeless pets that need Blue Cross every year. Whether it’s at home, in the office or at school, Paws for Tea is a good excuse to enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake whilst helping raise money for a good cause. My two dogs, Stan and Elsie, are very dear to me – I wouldn’t be without them. But sadly not all pets are as lucky. Blue Cross works tirelessly to care for hundreds of vulnerable pets and to help find them happy new homes. So go on, put the kettle on and sign up now at or phone 0300 790 9903.

Pam Ferris

Blue Cross Ambassador