Readers' letters - April 7

Is war coverage on TV increasing violence?

Friday, 13th April 2018, 6:33 pm
Updated Friday, 13th April 2018, 6:36 pm
What's causing the increase in knife crime?

We are hearing about escalating violent knife and gun crime in London and other cities on a daily basis.I wonder if the BBC and ITV would accept any responsibility for bringing ‘war zones’ into our homes each night on a regular basis? Night after night, the evening news invariably begins with an ‘in-depth’ report on fighting in Syria or the Congo or somewhere similar.Young boys are fascinated watching this whilst eating before going out to meet up with the ‘gang’. If the news media are simply reflecting on an ever-increasingly violent society, then they are doing a good job.I just wish they would not promote it in my living room and give us some positive news for a change, but please not any more of Prince Harry’s silly antics!Basil A Smithvia email‘There’s no proof attack was from Russia’

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Mrs May has no proof that the chemical attack on the Skripals came from Russia. She has made a very serious accusation against Russia which has no concrete foundation. What she should do is remember her Christian upbringing and work to establish good relations with Russia. We should form more trade links with Russia. We should encourage holiday visits there and encourage the Russians to visit us. Mrs May should never have cut short bilateral talks. We should have more cultural exchanges: art exhibitions, Shakespeare and the Bolshoi Ballet. We should work together on scientific research and on space travel. If Mrs May cannot bring herself to do these things, then I’m sure Boris Johnson would. I was impressed by his friendly meeting, shown on television with the Russian Foreign Minister. Mrs May is too intense and dramatic. Boris Johnson is good-natured and generous. Mrs May should retire and hand over to him as soon as possible. Now her rotten foreign policy has brought us to the brink of war, she should look to Boris Johnson to save the nation from ruin and build up our foreign relationships. Julie DixonChorleyUsing bathroom is a basic right

Another week and yet another story about transport failing people with disabilities. This time, Paralympian Nikki Emerson was told on an Emirates flight she would “upset other passengers” by crawling on the floor and must wait an hour for the toilet. How many of these incidents must we see before we see a change?At The British Polio Fellowship, we know these are not isolated incidents because we have been speaking out for years. Nikki argued using the bathroom is a basic right, only to be told her “behaviour” was unacceptable. The main unacceptable thing in this sorry tale is the attitude of staff. If high profile people like Nikki have such experiences, imagine what it is like for those of us living with Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), when waiting hours for the bathroom is not possible. Those asking what the fuss is about, should reflect that, by 2040, one in seven will be over 75 and living with a disability. You will have little grounds for complaint when it’s you or one of your nearest and dearest stripped of dignity by ignorance. Who will stand up for your rights on the day you no longer can? If you’re one of the 120,000 people in the UK who’ve had Polio and now have PPS, join our fight at or call 0800 043 1935. David Mitchell National Chairman, The British Polio Fellowship