Readers' letters - August 1

Sign up for veg pledge
A correspondent appeals for drivers to be careful of wildlife on the roads. See letterA correspondent appeals for drivers to be careful of wildlife on the roads. See letter
A correspondent appeals for drivers to be careful of wildlife on the roads. See letter

I’d like to let readers know about a new charity initiative called the Veg Pledge that people across the country will be getting involved with this summer.

All you need to do is give up meat and fish for a week and donate what you would have spent to support the charity Beating Bowel Cancer.

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To make it even easier, the charity has developed a Veg Pledge Calculator which helps you to work out how much you would save based on your average weekly consumption and where you shop.

It’s a great way to encourage people to look at their diet and spending habits and raise funds to help those affected by bowel cancer at the same time.

It’s only for a week but participants could learn a lot about what they eat and spend their money on, as well as support a great cause.

Learning to live without meat occasionally could also be good for your health, as there is strong evidence to suggest eating too much red and processed meat is one factor that can increase the risk of developing the disease.

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Bowel cancer is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. There are a number of factors known to increase your chances of being diagnosed with the disease.

Some you can’t change – such as your age and family history. However, you can reduce your risk by cutting down on red meat and processed food, exercising, quitting smoking and reducing your alcohol intake.

Beating Bowel Cancer provides vital practical and emotional support for everyone affected by bowel cancer.

For more information and/or to sign up for the Veg Pledge visit

Charlotte Dawson

Head of Nursing

Beating Bowel Cancer


The people have spoken

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Who is Lord Ashdown trying to kid? He claims his new political movement is all about”ordinary people” and “giving a voice to the voiceless”. Then he reveals his main supporters are Martha Lane Fox, Simon Schama and Dan Snow – all multi-millionaires. I suspect the true reason for Lord Ashdown’s action is two-fold; his anger at the near-annihilation suffered by the Liberal Democrats at the last election and Brexit from his beloved EU.

He has made no secret his chief motive is a second referendum at some point to rejoin the EU through funding those politicians who support “our principles” at future general elections – replacing those incumbents who hold alternative views. Ominously, it appears that Lord Ashdown is attempting to maintain the Westminster elite protocol of demanding we vote for what they require us to. The people have spoken, Lord Ashdown, you should accept the majority verdict.

Jim Sokol

Address supplied


Motorists – slow down

May I appeal to motorists to slow down when confronted with wildlife on our roads. Birds can fly out of the way, if given enough time. But don’t assume that this can happen in a split second.

A hedgehog’s response to danger is to curl up into a ball.

If you see this mammal, I would suggest you pick it up and place it somewhere safe.

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Any injured wildlife can be taken, free of charge, to your local vet for treatment. Don’t just leave it in the middle of the road! Please help our wildlife as they have as much right to live as us.

Sue Cooper via email